The Internal Governance Committee was established in 2009 to review the internal governance structure at the University of Oregon, and to make recommendations for changes that would align our governance structure with a Department of Justice opinion dated November 7, 2008. Further, the committee sought to identify changes that would improve the functioning of that governance.

In early 2010, the committee posted a set of initial recommendations to this website and sought feedback from the broader community. The committee then integrated that feedback into a revised internal governance document.

On May 19th, a faculty assembly was held in order to consider a motion to approve the revised internal governance document. The motion was passed to approve a proposed constitution by President Lariviere.  On August 15, 2010, President Lariviere accepted the proposed governance structure.  The new constitution replaces the current enabling legislation and sets in motion a number of changes to the structure of internal governance over the next academic year.